Free Online Keyword Research Tool

Free Online  Keyword Research Tool

Keywords are the major ranking factor in terms of SEO. Without Keywords Things like SEO and Traffic could not be imagined.
Being a Blogger i totally Understand the requirement of Free Online Keyword Research Tool

With the Evergrowing Demand of Keywords ,specific details like Monthly Search Volume ,CPC(cost per click) and Keyword difficulty is also required to choose the right keyword based on the article/post you are writing.

Since preparing a list of great keywords is not an easy task therefore here comes the entry of the Best Paid Keywords Tools like ahrefs and semrush which make the keyword research for an individual or a company a easy task.

But these highly efficient tools require you to pay a good amount of money to purchase them but if you are totally a begineer or have not earned any money online so that you could afford it.

So to Solve your problem i have prepared the list of the Free Online Keyword Research Tool through which you could  easily do keyword research for your article.

Therefore lets begin:

Free Online  Keyword Research Tool

This is a free keyword research tool provided by google for helping the people to choose the right keywords and generate massive traffic which indirectly increases your revenue.

The Google Keywords Planner provides specific details for the keywords like CPC, Search volume and the Average Difficulty.

But because its a free tool it does not provide you many keywords as the other tools provide.

Free Online  Keyword Research Tool

This was my personal favourite keyword research tool. It was a free keyword research tool a few years before but now it has limited its options like now it shows limited amount of keyword.

UberSuggest by neil patel is a tool which not only provides the keywords but also provides various amazing services likes backlinks,keyword ideasand traffic analyzer and SEO Audit etc.

Free Online  Keyword Research Tool

Word Stream is another great keyword research tool if you are looking for keywords under an specific niche.

Wordstream allows the user to target keywords umder a specific niche.

This Keyword Research tool will  help you get upto 30 free searches.

Free Online  Keyword Research Tool

Soovle is a free keyword research tool which allows you to search keywords not only for google but also for various search engines like bing,amazon,ebay,youtube etc.

So if you want to rank on more than one search engine this is the right platform for you.

Free Online  Keyword Research Tool

Keywords Everywhere is a free mozilla firefox and google chrome add on which allows you to get keywords whenever you search it on google .

This free browser extension is a very popular and trusted tool for keywords . Therefore you can utlize it as soon as possible.

After reading this post on Free Online Keyword Research Tool i hope you got a clear idea of which keyword tool to use

For Any Problems or Suggestions please do comment below and i will solve your problem as soon as possible.




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