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Best SEO Extensions For Chrome

Best SEO Extensions For Chrome

Best SEO Extensions For Chrome

Welcome guys to the TechInsideMe blog today i'll be providing you the list of Best SEO Extensions For Chrome.

Extensions in a browser helps a lot while performing various tasks.
But having these extensions while you are learning and implementing the SEO of your Blog/Website is really a great help.

So for helping you in your journey of SEO i am providing you the list of the Best SEO Extensions For Chrome which i have used personally and found them really useful in my blogging journey.

Therefore let's begin:-

Best SEO Extensions For Chrome:-

Best SEO Extensions For Chrome

1.) MozBar

Best SEO Extensions For Chrome

Mozbar  is a very useful extension provided by the most trustable site for SEO i.e., .
You can easily download this extension in your chrome browser.
It provides benificial features like :-

  • Checking the DA(Domain Authority),PA(Page Authority) of a website.
  • Highlighting the Dofollow and Nofollow Baclinks of any site.
  • Page Optimization
  • Page Analysis
So for utilizing all these features while you are just surfing through the internet you just need to have a account at Moz.

2.)Alexa Traffic Rank

Best SEO Extensions For Chrome

Alexa Traffic rank is an free browser extension for chrome available at chrome webstore.

Alexa Traffic Rank allows the user to analyze the rank of a website based on its traffic and also it shows you the rank based on your location from where you are visiting it.

It also shows you the amount of sites linking to the site you are visiting and the queries which are getting traffic to your website.

3.UberSuggest Extension

Best SEO Extensions For Chrome

UberSuggest is the most famous and trusted SEO site for the analysis of a website which is free with a certain limit.

The Ubersuggest Tool by Neil Patel provides many things but here in this post i will tell what the ubersuggest chrome extension does.

So after installing the ubersuggest chrome extension you will be able to get the list of keywords according to the keyword you have searched in google.It also provides various details like CPC,Traffic,Search Difficulty(SD).

Therefore i think its the most useful tool for the ranking of your site.

4.)Google PageSpeed Insights

Best SEO Extensions For Chrome

This is another great extension exclusively by google for google chrome.

This great google chrome extension allows the user to check the website loading speed and time both in mobile and desktop devices.

As we all know the site loading speed is the major factor in ranking the website in google search results.Therefore using this extension will surely help you to achieve a fully SEO optimized site.

5.)Similar Web

Best SEO Extensions For Chrome

Similar Web Traffic Rank and Website Analysis is really amazing tool if you want to analyze the traffic and website of your competitor .

This Chrome Extension allows us to get detailed insights like the sources of traffic ,geological locations , rank of the website in the world as well as in the country. It also provide us the rank of a site in a particular category so that you can find the right competitor for your website.


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