Best Google Adsense Alternative


Best Google Adsense Alternative

Google Adsense is no doubt the biggest and highest paying ad network from all around the world.

But With its growing popularity the adsense approval guidelines and policies are also getting strict day by day due to which  many bloggers and website holders are struggling hard for getting its approval.

Therefore today i will be suggesting you a ad network which is really great when its compared to other google adsense alternatives and its also now as the Best Google Adsense Alternative

Best Google Adsense Alternative is the Best Google Adsense Alternative as it offers highly relevant contextual ads based on your site content and keywords with high revenue if your traffic is mainly from US,UK,Canada etc. is yahoo-bing powered ad network so its highly trustworthy to use. is based on CPM(Cost per Mile) or cost per thousand impressions.

But instead of being an best alternative to google adsense its still not that easy to get approval here. You need to follow certain guidelines which i am going to discuss here so that you can get the approval of as soon as possible.All the methods which i am going to provide you here are personally tested by my self as i have got the approval on my site.

How to get approval on

  • Highly Unique Content in English
  • Must receive majority of traffic from US,UK and Canada.
  • Must write posts or update the site on regular basis.
  • Your theme must have a good navigation design.
  • Avoid using other ad networks when applying for
  • Must have a good amount of posts or content on your site before applying.
  • Your site must not provide or be involved in illegal activities.

Now according to me if you follow these things in your site and do not violate its guidelines , you will surely be getting its approval as soon as possible.

How much we can earn in

Earning on is mainly based on the CPM .Therefore if you get 1000 unique impressions on your site ,then you earn around 
4-5$ which really good as compared to the other ad networks when compared to google adsense.

What is the payment method for

You can easily withdraw your money from your payoneer account when you reach your payment threshold and that is 100$.

Note:- is based on double click that is your audience must double click your advertisment so that you could earn.

Now lets summarize the topic by talking about its pros and cons.

Pros of

  • It has the Best RPM(Revenue per thousand mile)
  • Highly contextual ads which are based on the keywords or content of your posts.
  • Responsive ads which easily fits with the width of your theme.
  • It has a very good customer support.You will get  personal help for your account to grow and generate high revenue through your ads.

Cons of

  • The ads requires double click from your users 
  • They do not provide real time report of your impressions,revenue and RPM etc.
  • Requires traffic mainly from US,UK ,Canada.

Therefore i think in this post you got a clear idea about and its pros and cons.

If you want me to make a post on another google adsense alternative then do comment below.




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