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How To Get Sponsorship on Instagram

 How To Get Sponsorship on Instagram


How To Get Sponsorship on Instagram
Sponsorship is one of the most effective and used method on Instagram which can help you generate a good amount of income just by promoting a brand's product or campaign. 

To Give you a brief idea about what it is and how can you grab one so that you could make cash through Instagram. 

Let's Begin

So Basically there are two most common method of getting a sponsorship on Instagram and I'll explain you both of them right here in this post itself

1.) Sponsorship through Websites/ Services
2.) Sponsorship through DM

Before I explain you the above methods of getting a sponsorship 
let me first explain you how it works

Basically you have to Promote a Brands product/service through your Instagram Post Or Stories whichever the brand want you to do. 
The Brand will Give you a certain amount of money for promoting their products 

How To Get Sponsorship on Instagram

Q.)What are the Requirements For Getting A Sponsorship for your Instagram Page/Account? 

You need to fulfill certain requirements for your Instagram profile before applying for the Sponsorship. 

1.)You must have a good amount of followers (>10k is good)  
2.) The Followers must be real active and engaging such that there should be a good amount of likes, comments and shares for your post

So when you fulfill these conditions before applying for a sponsorship it would certainly help you in getting the sponsorship you want. 

Remember the more your reach of audience the more brands gonna approach you. 

I think till here you might have got a clear idea about what Sponsorship is and how it can help you earn money through Instagram. 

So Now it's High time that I should explain you the Ways through Which you could get a Sponsorship. I think there are many ways by which you could get an sponsorship but In this post I'll provide you 

The commonly used methods which I have personally used and tested and now sharing with you. 

1.) Sponsorship through Websites/Services


How To Get Sponsorship on Instagram

There are many websites that helps the influencers and brands collaborate at one platform. 
Basically the websites that I am going to share with you helps the brands looking for influencers or the influencers looking for brands meet at one place.

Instagram Sponsorship Sites 

1.) Plixxo

These are few popular and trusted websites you can search for more websites on the internet

So Now the Question Arises

Q.) How to get paid sponsorships on instagram

For getting a sponsorship from the above websites you need to first sign up and create a profile on the websites

Now the above websites will ask about your social media accounts or for which Instagram Account you want an sponsorship. 
Therefore you have to provide them your Instagram profile . 

In some cases you need to sign up with your Instagram account using both Instagram username and password. 

After Completing Up the Sign UP process and sharing your Instagram social media accounts
The Websites will now show the current active campaigns running by brands wanting influencers to promote their products. 

You just need to join any of the active campaigns and once the brand approves your participation on their campaigns after reviewing your Instagram account engagement. 

Remember- if you have provided your mobile number / email address you will immediately get an notification of approval if you have applied for any of the sponsorship. 

Therefore Brands will now give you certain task like posting videos/stories/pictures for their products and  mentioning or tagging them in your post. 

As soon as you complete the sponsorship you will get your money after some duration of time depending upon the website you are using. 

I think now you got the clear idea on using this method if not then comment down below I'll solve your queries as soon as possible. 

2.) Sponsorship Through Direct Message or DM

How To Get Sponsorship on Instagram

Getting an Sponsorship by DM or direct messaging the brands of your choice . This method is the most effective but slightly difficult than the method 1 but if you get used to it you will be able to use it in a effective manner. 

So what you need to do is 

Search for the brands which are under your niche/topic/field . Then see if some accounts/ page are promoting the brand which you have found. Because this will surely increase your chance of getting a Sponsorship from them. 

After you have founded a brand which is been promoted by influencers having followers/engagement similar to you. 

You just need to Write a Proper Professional Message requesting for an Sponsorship for their brand. 

What you need to explain in the message? 

You need to explain how you can help their brand to grow . 
Explain the engagement you get from your audience per post or per story so that they get an idea or know the Potential of your Instagram account

The more your potential the more is the chances of getting an sponsorship. 

At last you need to explain or ask about the money you will get per promotion. 

This method is the best method when it comes to earning money as you get the brand and money of your choice and also there is no third person whose gonna take it's commission from the money you will get. 

I hope I have explained clearly all about sponsorship and how you can get it. 

If you want me to make a post on a certain topic of your choice then please comment down below. 

   At last
 Thanks a lot for Reading this Post!! 


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