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Welcome Readers, today i am going to tell you a amazing & unique way to make a high income by doing less work.

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So today i am going to tell you how you can Earn with Amazon Audible 

What is Amazon Audible?

Basically , amazon affiliate is a amazon company which provides amazing audio books , podcasts and many great content for its customers right under one place. So if you are someone who want to read some intresting books but dont have time to read then you can find the audio version of the book you want in amazon audible.

How you will earn through amazon audible ?



So you might be thinking how you will be able to earn a massive income through this platform. So i am here to clear all your doubts.

Amazon Audible has started its amazon audible affiliate program through which amazon will provide you certain amount of commision if you promote there service or products so let me explain you how and how much you will earn with this amazing platform.

Suppose you have promoted the amazon audible through social media platforms or any great promotional platforms.
Therefore based upon the type of subscription of the customer who joins the amazon affiliate you will earn a particular income


  •  Buys Amazon Gold Digital Membership- $10/per person
  • Audible free trial Digital Membership -$5/per person
  • Audible audiobook - $0.50/per person

So these are the amount of money which you will earn once you become an amazon audible affiliate.

All you need before starting to advertise is the sign up process which i think is a piece of cake if you are familier with it . But still if any problem occurs you can contact be from the Contact us section of this blog.

Now if you have done the sign up process for the amazon affiliate program then a major question must be arising in your mind that how you will be able to advertise or promote for the amazon audible.

So i am providing you some great platforms through which you will be able to promote/ advertise  for amazon audible.

1.) Social Media 


 Whenever it comes to advertising the first name that pops up into the mind of people is the Social Media.

Coming to the point if you have a good amount of audience in any of the great social media platforms like instagram , twitter , facebook or linkdein  then you can share your affiliate links or programs through them which enables users to directly access the affliate link through which they can complete the sign-up process.

2.)Promote Using your website/blog 


 You can even promote your links by making a post on your blog/website mentioning the referral or affiliate links in your post.

3.) Paid Campaigns




 If you have a certain amount of money to invest then paid campaigns will be the best option for you to earn a good amount of income for your affiliate program.

If you don't have any money to invest then dont worry the above to methods are specifically made for you.

Now there are some great platforms for paid campaigns depending on your budget.

  • Instagram ADS
  • Google ads campaign
  • Amazon ads
  • and many url shortners like  adfly , gplinks , shrink earn etc.

I hope the methods i mentioned in this post will surely help you to advertise and earn through amazon audible affiliate program.

At last if you got help through my post or want me to make a all new post on a certain topic then do comment below on the post.

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