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 Are you among the ones who are really passionaite about writing and always wanted to publish your book on amazon well in this post you will get all of your answers right under one post.

I'll be providing you all the step by step method required to publish your work in the form of a Paperback book /E-Book .

But before  i explain you the whole concept behind it let me show you the first book that i published recently and if you are interested in buying the book then please do so because the book has all the experience of my life in a Unique form

So let's begin the topic

First things First 

1.) Creating a File/Document  




 Before  publishing your paperback/ebook you should have a file ready consisting the content of the book. In my opinion you can write your book in these 2 great platforms

  • Microsoft Word
  • Google docs 

 These two text editors are best if you are planning to write your book. Therefore before writing the content of the book you should have some important things in your mind before you publish it on the Amazon store.

  • Check the margins of the document according to the the size of the book you will publish. For example 7 X 10 Inches.
  • Insert the necessary header/footers in your text document before you publish it
  • Use tools like grammarly to help recognize the major or the most important mistakes in your book like Spelling/Grammatical mistakes/ Plagrism etc. 

 Now  when you have completely wrote your book and inserted all the major things required for a book .You are now ready to publish a book into amazon.

Note:- for creating a ebook you can use amazon free tool "Kindle Create".

2.)Creating a Book cover 




 Now after creating the major body/content of your book you must now create a beautiful book cover. Because you may have heard this old saying a lot " A book is always judged by its cover"  .

Therefore for creating a beautiful cover you must know that amazon only accepts the cover images which has front, back and the spine of the book in it if you are publishing an paperback.

Remember - You can hire a professional cover creator for your book from websites like fiverr ,upwork etc
or if you are unable to do so then you can create a book cover from the builtin kindle book cover creator.

But if you are publishing an ebook then you just need a simple cover image which only has the front of the book.

3.)Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing  



When you reach the point where your whole book's content ,cover page and all the necesarry stuff are ready you must now visit the amazon kindle direct publishing site 

After going on the official website of the Amazon Kdp you will have to Create a account there. Now remember you'll need to provide many necessary details before you submit the book.

While creating the Amazon kdp account you must have the following essential information ready

  • A Valid TIN number or PAN(if you are from india) 
  •  Your Bank details like account number , bank name and IFSC code of your bank if you want to receive your payements through amazon sale.

Now when you have successfully created your amazon kdp account.
You can now publish your amazon book . Therefore you have to choose what you wanna publish. if you want to publish paperback as well as your book then link it later on.

Now suppose you choose to publish your paperback/ebook first 

Then you have to provide the details of your book you wanna publish like description, title of the book and the keywords related to it.

If you are publishing an paperback then the amazon will provide you a Free ISBN & ASIN number for your book which will really help you a lot as a writer.

During the process of publishing a book you will be asked about the manuscript which is the content or the file of the book which has the full content of the book

and secondly you will be asked to submit the cover which you have created for your Book.

After you have completed all the process of creating ,submiting the book succesfully

You will be required to list the required price for your book
if you are submitting an Paperback you will get around 60% of the price of the book.

Amazon will deduct the printing cost from the list price of the book.

 Now here comes the last and the most important step for your book and that is the marketing stuff or the promotion stuff.

You can use the social media platforms like instagram ,facebook,twitter ,linkdein to market or promote your book so that you could generate more book sales amd more rating/reviews for your book.

I hope you got your answer on how to publish on amazon




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