Are you still struggling on how to get a massive engagement on your instagram account , well today i am going to give a secret trick through which you can get top growth on instagram account.

Remember one thing before using this trick
I personally recommend you to not to over use this method

Ok so its time to begin the use of the trick

Now for using this trick you must first sign up on two platforms 

  • Telegram( to join the executive mafia engagement group)
  • Executive mafia 

If you are familiar with the use of telegram then

Visit Executive Mafia  
 Sign up on executive mafia  
Then click on My social account on the right side bar and then you need  to enter the name of your Instagram Profile .

After entering your instagram username you just need to paste the code which the Executive mafia gives you to your instagram bio.

Now How it will Boost your Instagram Growth

so now we come to the main part and the usage of the service

Basically the Executive Mafia consists of  3 Telegram Bots

  • Theo
  • Jasmin
  • Sophie

These three telegram bots are the main bots which will help you to grow your instagram.

When you subscribe the freemium service of the executive mafia then you can only use the Theo bot.

Theo bot helps you two get only likes to your posts  and the remaining two bots are paid ones which i won't discuss in this post as i haven't used the last two . But in short the Jasmin and Sophie helps you in getting real comments ,like and many more premium stuff.

Now today i will tell you how to use the Theo free bot to generate maximum amount of likes on your posts.

as soon as you enroll yoiur instagram account in the freemium subscription you will be able to use only the Theo bot service

So for using the theo bot you must open it on telegram with the link or user name provided in the executive mafia site

Secondly after opening the Theo bot in telegram you will be required to check your username once you have copied the code and added your instagram username in the executive mafia website

Once you are registered to use the theo bot service you will be provided with the essential bot commands whic can be used to control the Theo bot

For example :- /help /start /check etc.

basically the Theo bots runs its likes service in certain rounds basically 2 rounds a day.

So for each Theo round you will be provided a list of other instagram usernames who are regisitered on execiutive mafia like you 

Now what you have  to do is latest post on each username and they will be doing the same for your account.

Therefore per round you could easily generate 100-150 likes per post .

But Remember if you forget to engage or like with atleast one of the accounts you will be warned and may be banned for somedays for using this service.

Benefits of Using Executive Mafia 

1.)When many big accounts engage and like your post your instagram reach is boosted up (organic reach instagram)
2.)Your account will not get fake engagement or instagram interaction but the engagement is from all real accounts.
3.)You will see a growth in your followers as your content will get viral due to large amount of likes per post (instagram account followers growth)

I hope you will get a huge benefit by using my trick to get top growth on instagram.





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